High Impact Church Boards and Leading From The Sandbox are both back in print

For organizations or churches who order either of these books for their board or staff I offer a free Skype meeting to discuss questions or principles.

Eight dysfunctions of church governance boards

Church boards who live with their heads in the sand

Pastors, staff and board members who use inappropriate language, emotions and actions

Eight reasons that boards do not address known issues of a senior leader

A dialogue between TJ Addington and Tony Morgan of the Unstuck Group on church governance

Signs that leaders are leading from a posture of fear and insecurity

A YouTube video that illustrates much church leadership

Some of the worst things leaders can do when there is controversy or conflict in the church

Congregational meetings and church health

The use of church discipline to control people or shut down discussion in the church

Nine church board mistakes I have been seeing lately - from Tony Morgan

15 unfortunate things boards do

Why boards can be so frustrating to serve on and how to solve it

Passive boards and controlling boards: Both are dangerous

Dumb things church boards do

Practices of healthy boards

Big rocks, pebbles and sand

Signs of a dysfunctional church board

Signs of healthy and unhealthy boards 

When board members don't get their way

When boards are unable to police their own

Conflict and problem avoidance create sick churches

Choosing and preparing new board members

Church board development

The failure of church boards to realistically evaluate ministries they oversee

Church boards and church culture

Violations of good board behavior that kill good governance

 Healthy board/pastor relationships in the church             

Church renovation

Undiscerning church boards: A case study

Should a church be run like a business

Church boards and fear

Church culture trumps everything

Church boards and failure of courage

Staff and board relationships in the local church: What is healthy and what is unhealthy

Split boards, split congregations

The profile of an effective church leader

9 Principles for healthy governance in the church

Eight kinds of people who should not serve on a church board

Every congregation is one leadership board away from trouble and decline

When leadership boards become the barrier to church growth

Rethinking leadership selection in the church

Church board self assessment: 15 questions

Guard the gate to your church leadership

Boards that are not united and don't face reality

Antiquated church governance systems that hurt the mission of the church

Our church governance systems do matter!

Four key church board documents

What boards and pastors need to know about each other

Operate without a church board covenant at your risk

A failure of nerve

Bold or timid church leadership

When board members allow friendship and relationship to overshadow their governance role

When should a church change their governance system?

Board members and their intellectual capacity

Courageous church leaders

Church leadership and trust

Effective churches have pastors and boards with a bias toward strategic action

Empowering pastors

Spiritual discernment in ministry leadership

Signs that your church board needs renovation

When elephants fight the grass gets trampled

Ten marks of a united church leadership board

The five dysfunctions of ministry organizations

When everyone is in charge no one is in charge

Should church staff serve on the elder/leadership board?

Why boards must always speak with one voice

Interminable board meetings

Churches and group think

Paying greater attention to gifting when it comes to those we put into church leadership

Not ready, proceed slow, lets go: When leaders resist change!

Is your church more missional or institutional?

Board evaluation

Toxic team and board members

I cannot find good leaders for my church

Unspoken board discussions

Checks and balances in church leadership

Proactive or reactive leadership

Ministry accelerators and anchors

"I knew I should have said something."

The dysfunction of control in ministry organizations

Leadership board time outs for reflection

Dealing with organizational elephants

Choosing the right leaders in your church: You get what you deserve.

The biggest favor you can do for your pastor and your church

Want to grow your staff/leadership board?

Candid discourse among church leaders

Four skill sets every team and board can profit from

Who is best qualified to serve as an elder or church leader?

Rethinking the relationship between pastors and lay leaders

Continuing the question as to whether staff should serve on the elder board

Does your church have a meaningful job description for your senior pastor?

Policy governance in the church: An overview

Willow Creek and governance lessons: A watershed moment

Help your board do self-evaluation of their work with seven evaluative statements

Seven personal behaviors for the best board work

Why boards need to change as an organization grows

How do you measure the success of your organization?

If your board needs help, I can help

Five simple principles for governance in churches and non-profits

With over thirty years of working with boards I am available to help your board be the best they can be. Whether remotely using technology or in person, together we can make substantial strides toward healthier and more missional board work.

As the author of High Impact Church Boards I have worked with thousands of board members to ensure that the right people end up on an organizations board, that the board is intentional in its work and that the culture of the leadership system is empowering rather than controlling. Cost is kept to a minimum by using technology like Go To Meeting, or I can join you in person for governance training or retreats.

I can be contacted at tjaddington@gmail.com or 615.840.1676. I look forward to talking to and working with those who desire to raise the level of their board's effectiveness. 
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