December is a great month to think through the past year and to plan for the next year in our personal lives. God designed our lives with a rhythm on purpose. Each new day turns a new page, each month is a new chapter and each year a new volume. Volume 57 starts for me on January 1 and I want it to count. As the number grows so do the stakes as time cannot be reclaimed. 

Don't move on to 2013 before evaluating and celebrating 2012. Consider these questions:

  • What were the significant events of 2012 and how did they change me?
  • Where did I see significant growth in my  life this past year?
  • How did God prove Himself to be faithful to me?
  • Is there anything I need to confess and put behind me?
  • Are there any relationships that need reconciliation?
Since each year is a new volume and offers new opportunities, these are the kinds of questions I ask each December:
  • What are the key areas of personal growth I need to focus on this coming year?
  • How will I stay fresh in my spiritual life, marriage, family and professional life in the coming year? 
  • I feel God nudging me in specific areas of my life. How will I respond to those nudges?
  • What are the three to five big rocks that I must accomplish in my work life?
  • What is my plan to stay on track?
Whatever volume you are on 25 or 75, don't waste it. Take the time to think and reflect before the new year starts.

  • Dec 11, 2012
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