Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises above 3,000

EFCA and ReachGlobal Response
Nepal Earthquake Response Fact Sheet – 4/25/15 Edition

1)      What happened?

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal yesterday, April 25, 2015.  Damage reports are still coming in, but it appears to be a major crisis. Our partner, the Nepali Church Planting Movement, has had all 13 of its churches affected in some manner.  We are coordinating our efforts with OC International, with an assessment team traveling tomorrow, and more people on Tuesday. An Initial $10,000 in immediate response funds is in the process of being transferred. 

2)      Yes, we are responding.

·         We have partners in the area impacted.

·         We have started to initiate contacts with other partner ministries involved in the work in Nepal, as well as other NGO’s and relief organizations.

·         For up to date info go to ….info will be put here by early evening.

3)      What should I tell someone who wants to help?   

·         Pray -  see today’s current top story on  and blog post

·         Please send funds !!! 

·         Please stay tuned for more information to follow.  Collect name and email for anyone we have contact with. Direct them to email  with their contact information, or call our Crisis Response office at  985-893-0218 ext 7.

·         We are not sending teams in initial stages. Mark is coordinating with our ReachGlobal Asia Division.  They through partners will be heading there asap to assess and determine needs/strategies with our local partners. 

4)      What kinds of needs do we have – prioritized.

·         Donations will be the immediate and priority need.

·         We ARE NOT interested in receiving bulk donations (eg. pallet loads) of gift-in-kind

5)      Where should I direct them for more info?  

6)      What should people give to?

·         Give to ‘Earthquake Relief  21709-3970’

·         Direct them to and click on donation link on that page.

7)      Can we give stuff…not just money?

·         No. We are not accepting any gift in kind!!!!

8)      Who should I contact for more info or to help in other ways?


·         Call mark lewis 717-439-3138

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal yesterday, April 25, 2015.  With the epicenter between Kathmandu and Pokhara, major areas of Nepal have been hit very hard and there have been many building collapses and the death toll continues to rise.  We have staff and partners on the ground who are assessing the situation.  We have been working in partnership in church planting efforts in various parts of Nepal and in response to this crisis are mobilizing to provide aid and relief.  We (Reach Global and OC International) are currently assessing needs and developing our plan of action in partnership together.  This includes organizing relief to reduce the suffering of the people and mobilizing the church to minister to physical needs as well as bring the gospel.  We also ask you to pray for the nation and for relief efforts.  As we talked to our partners about needs, of course the first request is for prayer and so we would ask for you to mobilize your church to pray as this crisis unfolds and as we seek to help.  We also invite others to join in partnership with us.  Stephen Chandra (International leader, Asia for EFCA Reach Global) and Gill Nash (Assistant Asia Area Director, OC) are planning to travel to Kathmandu as soon as possible to further assess and direct efforts for relief.  

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