The ability to forgive and not hold grudges is one of the fundamental requirements of leaders. Leaders are targets of ready criticism, of those who dislike their style or in the case of pastors take issue with their theology, preaching or decisions made. There is no shortage of opportunities for leaders to need to forgive.

When we don't, we often become cynical of people, develop inner mistrust, hold anger beneath the surface and categorize people according to how they treat us. None of which are healthy responses. And if we think we are victims of too much criticism think of Paul or Jesus. They had need to forgive regularly.

Ironically, in a leadership role, the more we forgive the happier we are and the more free we are with people. They target us, we keep close accounts and are able to move on. They may hold their hostility or issues but we must not. This is not about ignoring  bad behavior but it is about not living in the prison of unforgiveness.

Thus forgiveness is a necessary skill for every good leader. It's exercise leads to humility while its absence leads to a hard arrogance. Something for all leaders to consider.

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  • Aug 30, 2014
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