It is unfortunate but common to encounter leaders who hurt those who work for them and actually cause damage to the organization they lead. What is even more unfortunate is that these leaders don't realize what they are doing and often do not listen to feedback that could help them. If it is a business they generally will end up hurting the bottom line. If it is a non-profit they will hurt the very constituency that they are meant to serve.

What are the behaviors that end up hurting those we lead? They include a lack of empathy, an inability to listen, micromanagement, grabbing credit and blaming others for failure, seemingly capricious actions and changing of direction, unrealistic demands, dictating strategies without the input of those who must carry them out, putting subordinates down and a lack of encouragement. 

These behaviors do not necessarily come from a bad heart. Sometimes they come from poor leadership training, family of origin issues or wiring. But they do have a negative impact on the organization and their staff. 

How do these behaviors hurt the organization? First, it creates a toxic and unhealthy work environment. Second, it eventually drives out the best leaders who come to a point where they are unwilling to put up with unhealthy behaviors. That has a direct ripple affect on the rest of the staff and the mission of the organization. Both the people and the organization's mission suffer under this kind of leadership.

  • Feb 18, 2020
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