Lance Armstrong was once known for his amazing tenacity in fighting cancer - and it is a fitting legacy. Then he was known for being the cancer survivor who owned the Tour de France, an even more amazing legacy. Now he is faced with knowing that he will be most remembered for cheating and lying about that cheating in order to win. He will be remembered for deception.

It is easy for us to look at others and throw stones. In fact, when the sin of others more egregious than our own, by our standards it makes us feel good in comparison. After all we are not as bad as that person. Unfortunately when I look in the mirror I know that I am as able as Lance to hide, to deceive and to pretend. It is the human condition and its seeds reside in all of  us. I am that man just as he is that man.

I feel bad for Lance and his family. I don't justify what he did but I know that but for the grace of God go I. We often hide little things which can become bigger things as our conscience becomes OK with the little things. Yet, at the root of it, whether we hide small or large, it is our lower sinful nature that drives the hiding.

There is great freedom in living in the light. Being aware of our sinful tendencies and asking the Holy Spirit for help in overcoming them. There is great freedom in acknowledging our dark side when necessary for the freedom of truth rather than the deception of lies. When we do, deception gives way before truth and light and forgiveness. Deception is bondage. Repentance is freedom.

Living in the light starts with the little things and it is the habit of living truthfully in the small things that gives us the ability to do so with the big things. Lance did not start his deception with large things but with small things. We can prevent the progression of a life of deception by living in truth in even the small areas of life. Jesus came to set us free - really free! Let's allow him to do that.
  • Jan 30, 2013
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