I have a dear friend who I had the joy of leading to Christ many years ago. This week I received news that he has been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer - although treatable. He had gone in for surgery on a disc and in the course of the surgery they discovered a tumor from the unknown cancer. Upon awakening the doctor had to tell him that the rather routine surgery had discovered something really serious. My friend's reply to this surprise was "Well, God was not surprised!"

That response is one that applies to all of the surprises in life and leadership. We may be surprised but God is never surprised. That truth can give us confidence to trust Him for the very things that cause us anxiety and concern. Nothing surprises God and therefore we can be assured that He can help us work through our issues as a sovereign and faithful God.

Think of the largest issues you have faced - or face right now. The news may seem overwhelming as for my friend. Then remember: God was not surprised. In fact, nothing happens in our lives, good or bad, which does not first pass by the hands of God and which He does not use to build our faith. He knows, He cares and He superintends the outcome for His purposes. That ought to give us a quiet settled confidence not matter the situation. 
  • Aug 17, 2014
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