That may sound like a funny question but my observation is that many organizations are not one organization but many different organizations doing different things with different values and independent leaders. In other words, each team or division is doing its own thing in its own way. That is not an organization! It is a collection of organizations with a common name.

It happens with churches, mission agencies and other ministries. Usually it happens because:

  • There is not clarity so leaders and people do their own thing
  • There is not a leader at the top who is committed to alignment
  • There is not adequate time and effort put into choosing leaders who are committed to a common cause and know how to lead their team in that direction
  • There is not accountability for common results allowing leaders and teams to do their own thing
Of course the cost to the organization is high. It is like a boat race crew where every crew member is rowing at their own pace rather than in a synchronized way. When members of an organization pull the oars together there is amazing speed. When members don't pull the oars at the same time the water splashes, the oars clash and the boat languishes.

Which boat characterizes your ministry?

  • Jul 04, 2013
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