It is an interesting question but one that goes to the heart of whether a congregation is friendly to outsiders or not. 

Introverted churches are inward focused and people find it hard to break into the close knit "family." To outsiders they can feel very unfriendly. Usually they are full of programs for their own people and often keep their congregation busy through that programming. They also have few conversions and tend to be wary of too much relationship with the "world."

Extroverted churches on the other hand are easy for new people to break into. In fact they are immediately welcomed and embraced. Their programming is aimed at both current attenders and the community. They are intentional at encouraging friendships with unbelievers in the community and welcoming them into groups of believers in the church. They tend to see a high level of conversions.

As members of a congregation we are so comfortable with our church family that we don't even think about how outsiders experience our congregation. It is worth asking folks who are new how they felt as they visited. I don't know if Jesus was an introvert or extrovert but I do know that almost everyone felt comfortable in His presence. What about your church?
  • Aug 06, 2013
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