The key distinction between high impact teams and other teams is the intentionality with which leaders and individuals live their lives and pursue their ministries. We live in a day of huge needs, multiplied demands, out-of-control schedules and the tendency to be driven by the urgent, not the most important. Over time, our effectiveness is eroded, our hearts become tired and we know deep down that there must be a better way to live life and pursue ministry.

Three observations ought to give us pause. First, we are all busy. When people describe to me how busy they are and how fast they run in ministry, I am not impressed. Everyone is busy.

Second, we are all busy but not everyone sees the same results. Some people are exceedingly productive while others accomplish little.

Third, activity does not equal results. This is a critical distinction. Busyness does not equal results. That is why I am unimpressed with how packed one's schedule is. The question is not how much activity we are involved in, but what the results are of our life and work. Activity that is not strategic yields little for the energy expended and leaks away opportunity for Kingdom results.

People who see significant results of their work think differently than others. Rather than focusing on activity, they focus on results. They have identified the results they want to see for their lives and then strategically focused their activity toward those results. They are highly discriminating in what they do, the obligations they agree to, and how they schedule their days. Before they say "yes" to new opportunities they think and pray, determine whether the activity will contribute to what they understand to be the big rocks of their lives, and practice the power of saying "no.

"Intentional living is the discipline of knowing how God made us defining the big rocks in our life and work, and executing with an intentional annual plan that connects our schedules with the big rocks in a way that maximizes our God-given gifting and call.
  • Jun 07, 2008
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