It is clear from Revelation two and three that Jesus evaluates churches as well as individuals. In the seven letters to seven churches He speaks positively of some traits and negatively of others and calls them to a higher commitment to their original calling.

This latter point is important. The vision and commitment that churches have at the start often strays over time. Passion for Jesus can fade and be replaced by other things - even programs and numbers. Or, just busyness and a focus on ourselves rather than on Gospel expansion and transformation.

Here is a great question for church staff and leadership boards: If Jesus were writing a letter to your church today as he wrote to the churches in Revelation, what do we believe He would say to you? Write it down and consider sharing it with the congregation. What would He commend you for? What would He call you to? What would He candidly talk to you about?

Congregations are the local expression of the Bride of Christ. We have areas of strength and obedience where we do well. We have areas of weakness and even disobedience where we do poorly. An honest look at both could change the trajectory of your ministry - in the eyes of God.

It would make for a great discussion, some celebration and perhaps some adjustments.
  • Jul 19, 2012
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