There are a number of key indicators of a healthy church board. If you are serving in this capacity, consider these indicators as you consider your own board.

I know my church board is healthy when...

  • There are healthy relationships between all board members - even when there are differences of opinion
  • We are free to put all issues on the table with the exception of hidden agendas and personal attacks
  • A concern for what would please Jesus is front and central all the time
  • There is a healthy balance between business and prayer
  • Meetings are focused and generally stay within the set time constraints
  • I want to go to board meetings!
  • There is clarity about ministry direction and we seek to move in that direction
  • We do governance work and allow staff to do their work without interference
  • We place a high priority on learning and growing
  • There are no elephants in the room
  • Unhealthy behaviors on the board are not tolerated
  • We have a vision that goes beyond us and is Jesus and Kingdom centered not us centered
  • There is a deep concern for the spiritual growth of those in the church as well as for those in our community that do not yet know Jesus
  • We are willing to tackle hard issues but always with the grace of Jesus
  • We know one another well enough to tolerate and appreciate one another's differences
  • We are never satisfied with the status quo but are always looking to the future and where God wants us to go
  • We pray for one another outside of board meetings
  • We have a board covenant that speaks to how we work with one another
  • There are no unresolved conflicts between board members
Simple indicators but indicators of health. It is worth taking a few minutes as a board and asking the questions!

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  • Nov 19, 2014
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