You are not passionate about the work God has called our organization to accomplish! Really passionate! Motivated in your very bones to accomplish the task! Ministry is a calling and those who work for a ministry need to believe in that ministry with all their hearts. If they don’t they will not be motivated to give it 100%.

You are not self motivated and able to figure out where you need to go! I will mentor and coach but I will not tell you how to do what you need to do or motivate you to do it. That comes from inside of you and if it is not there you are in the wrong organization. Self motivation comes from being in one’s “lane” or “sweet spot.” Where motivation is lacking either the passion is not there or one is not in their lane. Both are necessary for long term success. My job is to encourage and envision you not to motivate you.

You are not emotionally healthy! Lack of relational, emotional or spiritual health will hurt those you work with and compromise otherwise healthy teams. I won’t compromise on the health no matter how brilliant you are. I care too much for the health of the organization, and the health of my team to bring someone on who might hurt it.

You are not team friendly and cannot work synergistically with others! I know that more is accomplished by healthy teams than lone rangers so I want those humble and relational enough to fit into a team rather than doing ministry by themselves. The ability to work with others within the organization is proof that one can work with others outside the organization – those we serve.

Think about who you will and will not hire and why. Don’t compromise on those values no matter how good someone might be. Too many ministries pay a dear price for not knowing what is non-negotiable when looking for personnel.This is especially true in missions where our (wrong) metric for success is the number of personnel one has rather than the right (healthy) personnel. 

What are your non-negotiables?

  • Feb 23, 2011
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