True learning takes a posture of humility. Without humility there is little growth because openness to growth is predicated on not thinking we know it all or have arrived. Here are some signs of humble learners.

Think about these four attitudes.

I am open to constructive feedback without defensiveness
Oh, not that I don't sometimes feel that defensiveness inside but humble learners learn to keep it in check so that they can hear what someone is saying to them. Defensiveness keeps us from hearing what we need to hear but an openness to feedback (whether we agree with it or not) is a sign of humility. Humility is willing to hear both encouragement and other feedback even when it is uncomfortable.

I am willing to own my stuff
All of us have stuff we need to own. We blow it, we get cranky with others (unfairly), we lose our patience or just have bad days. Humility is owning our stuff and dealing with it. Especially when we need to apologize or ask forgiveness. Owning my stuff includes acknowledging my shortcomings with a "nothing to prove, nothing to lose attitude." It is being able to say, "I was wrong," or "that didn't work."

I take steps toward growth
This gets harder for some as their influence and success increases because we begin to believe our press. All of us need to grow! All of us need to be intentional about that growth but growth means I acknowledge my weaknesses and sin and shortcomings. Humble people are always working on some area of their life and with the help of the Holy Spirit (we cannot do it alone) are in a growth mode.

I know who I am and who I am not
When I was young I thought I was good at a lot of things. Now I know that I am good at maybe three things and that is pretty much it. That is important first because it is truth. It is important second because I know how much I need others to make up for my many deficiencies. Humility means that we understand our need for one another.

  • Jan 31, 2012
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