It may be something you have not consciously considered but it is helpful for you to know: How do you think best? Let me explain.

One of the reasons I write and blog is that it is in the discipline of writing that I do much of my best thinking. When I write, thoughts flow, develop and come to life. Sometimes, I have God moments in writing where something profound ends up on paper and I wonder where it came from. This is also why I have usually used manuscripts in my preaching to the chagrin of my homiletics professors.

I have a brilliant friend who runs a global ministry. For years I have suggested he write because his message needs to be heard. But he has struggled with getting it on paper. But when he speaks, his heart flows and the message is clear and the profound thoughts come. What he has discovered is that he thinks best when speaking, not writing. So, using technology, we simply record his speaking in order to capture his thinking.

Another close colleague is the master of dialogue. He thinks best when conversing with others, in the give and take of ideas and questions. In dialogue he forms his thoughts and he is at his best in the give and take of conversation, out of which comes wisdom.

I think my wife does her best thinking when she is in action, especially helping people who are hurting or in need. She shines there and when I listen to her, it is often lessons or insights from these opportunities that she talks about.

One of my closest friends is also one of the deepest thinkers I know. He can focus on an issue for hours, days or weeks. He runs the issue through his mind thinking of alternatives, consequences, options like a chess player who considers all the possible moves based on the move he is going to make. He does his best thinking in the recesses of his mind, quiet and alone.

Songwriters often think the best in the composing of their music and it is the medium of song in which their best ideas form.

God was creative in forming our wiring. All of us have a unique style of thinking and knowing how we do our best thinking is a key to unlocking our full potential. Once we know, we ought to take advantage of that knowledge. So I write..... and you.....
  • May 17, 2011
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