There is a lot of interest in Cuba today. And it is a wonderful, fascinating place. Politics aside (and there has been a lot of that) the story for me in Cuba is that God is up to amazing things. Churches are being planted, people are coming to Jesus and - get this - the group we partner with has 7,000 lay people in training across the country. I am still trying to get my head wrapped around that one. This in a place where there is little to no economy, people eke out a living and the political realities make ministry a challenge.

I spoke at a Church a couple Sundays ago and met a wide variety of people who mostly had come to the Lord recently. Each had a story and many of them were amazing. What really caught my attention was the graduation ceremony of elementary students (below) who had learned how to share the gospel with unbelievers having learned the story of Jesus in song. I thought "Oh my! I had to come to Cuba to see elementary students who can share the Gospel better than many adults." I had not seen that before and I do get around.

In one neighborhood the crime statistics had gone down 30% and one of the government officials was applauding what they had done. Another official said, "We didn't do anything! It is the church in the community! That church takes care of dozens of widows, and is now working with street kids, have a feeding program and love on their neighborhood. In other words, the Gospel is not only impacting hearts but whole communities.

When you read the news about Cuba pray for the church there and amazing pastors, most who are bi-vocational and work under tremendous pressures. Jesus is alive and well in Cuba.

Posted from Santiago, Chile

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  • Apr 13, 2015
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