Think about meetings that are highly effective. They probably have four kinds of people in them which make for robust dialogue, getting to solutions, clarifying issues and developing strategy. Here are four kinds of people that it is helpful to have in a productive meeting.

The Clarifier. 
Much of what is discussed in senior meetings is complex. The individual with a clarity gift is able to quickly synthesize the question at hand as well as potential solutions. They simplify complexity and clarify issues and solutions. Having a member with the gift of clarity can push through confusion and save significant meeting time.

The Questioner.
This individual asks a lot of questions. Not obnoxiously but they do so to get to the heart of the issue and ensure that everyone understands the nature of the issues under discussion. They may also ask contrarian questions - questioning conventional wisdom that is always conventional and often not wisdom.

The Processor.
This is the individual who has the ability to develop processes for potential solutions. It is one thing to know what you want to do, it is a different thing to know how to go about it. Those with the gift of process help the group quickly identify the necessary steps toward implementation.

The Strategist.
This individual has the gift of developing an overall strategy to achieve a certain goal. This is the gift of taking complexity and developing a workable strategy. This is the macro level plan while the processor helps develop the micro level process.

Meetings that seem to go nowhere, circle back to the same issues repeatedly, have trouble coming to decisions and are generally ineffective are probably lacking these four individuals necessary to move forward.

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  • Sep 02, 2014
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