What are the expectations of leaders in your church or organization? Have they been clarified and do you remind them of them often? The more clarity you provide your leadership community (whether volunteers or staff) the better they will be able to lead and contribute to the health of the organization. How leaders lead, the commitments they keep or don't keep impact the ethos and culture of the organization. Defining healthy expectations contributes to a healthy organizational culture. In addition, staff take their cues from the behaviors of leaders for better or worse.

These are the expectations that ReachGlobal (RG) has for its leaders.

 Stay current with Jesus

 Annual KRA’s with accountability

 Monthly Personal Retreat Day

 Annual Planning Retreat

 Schedule your priorities first


 Model the leadership you want to see in others

 Respond to issues quickly

 Deliver on promises made to staff and others

 Communicate vision and mission to your team regularly and clearly

 Live, communicate and be a champion for all four sides of the RG sandbox

 Develop your area of responsibility for maximum impact

 Find and develop new areas of ministry opportunity

 Seek to influence national leaders intentionally toward healthy ministry

 Ensure and be accountable for the health of the teams under your leadership


 Ensure that staff members (reports) have what they need to be successful

 Clarify expectations, empower and hold accountable

 Be accountable for budgets

 Provide regular, clear, honest feedback to your direct reports

 Monthly meeting with all direct reports by phone where necessary and in person where possible. Review KRA’s, encourage, coach and equip. Monthly short report from all direct reports with priorities for the following month and update on the past month.

 Individual coaching and equipping plan for all direct reports

 Annual development plan for the team you lead in line with priorities of EQUIP and their leadership responsibilities.


 Monthly meeting with your supervisor

 No surprises. Keep your supervisor appraised of bad news quickly or key developments quickly

 Your primary team is the senior team you are on. Your secondary team is the team that you lead.

 Be a champion for RG as a leader in RG

Leaders in RG can expect their supervisors to regularly ask them about these kinds of issues as they go to the heart of the kind of organization we want to be. Have you clarified your expectations of your leaders?
  • Aug 11, 2010
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