Recently I saw a presentation for a ministry plan that was masterfully complex. It addressed every possible issue and would have taken a whole new staff to execute. In concept it looked sophisticated and it had to have taken months to plan and write. Bottom line: it was too complex, too complicated and didn't have a clear focus. The simple had been majorly complicated. 

Ministries are famous for complicated plans that complicate the simple. And in the process divert focus from actually getting ministry accomplished.

Does one need a plan? Yes! A simple, clear, understandable and workable plan. Simple trumps complex every time. 

If planning takes more than 20% of your time you are doing too much planning. You can always modify and tweak as you go so go do it. In fact, until you start doing you don't know what needs to be modified. No amount of planning will uncover the contingencies you will discover when you actually go out and do it.

So get out and do it, learn along the way, go back and adjust and do it again: Plan, do, check, adjust.

Are you majoring on planning or doing? Have a plan and go do it.

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  • Jan 30, 2012
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