Churches, like individuals, can be either selfish or generous. Selfish congregations have a vision for themselves while generous congregations have a vision that extends beyond themselves and is Kingdom focused. 

What is a vision that extends beyond you? Here are some indicators to consider:

When we are willing to actively cooperate with other like minded evangelical congregations regardless of their brand to bring the Gospel to our community we are thinking beyond ourselves. 

When we have a vision to multiply ourselves through church planting we have a vision that is larger than our own congregation.

When we actively bless other ministries in the community we have a vision beyond ourselves.

When we minister to the marginalized, forgotten, people with disabilities or the poor we have a vision beyond ourselves. Any time we minister to those who are not like us we have a vision beyond ourselves.

When we are intentionally generous with our finances and energies for local, regional and global ministries, our vision extends beyond ourselves.

Generous congregations are Kingdom focused. They love to bless others for the sake of Jesus. They love to bless those who cannot bless them back. They are not brand centric but Kingdom minded and their efforts are therefore not simply focused on what will help them grow numerically or financially but what will contribute to the spread of the Gospel and lift up the name and reputation of Jesus.

I work with many generous congregations. They possess vision, faith and a spiritual vibrancy that selfish congregations don't. For them, ministry is about Jesus rather than themselves. How would you rate your congregation?

  • Oct 11, 2012
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