Today it is easier than ever to publish a book. So if you have a non- fiction book that is waiting to get out, I would love to talk with you. I can help you in each step of the process including:



As the author of 5 books and four in process I have a passion to see others share their wisdom. 

You may also be the leader of a business, church, ministry or non-profit and want to codify who you are, tell your story and inspire both staff and customers. We can help you with that as well. 

You may contact me at 615.840.1676 or I look forward to talking with you.

TJ Addington (Addington Consulting) has a passion to help individuals and organizations maximize their impact and go to the next level of effectiveness. He can be reached at
"Creating cultures of organizational excellence."
  • Sep 17, 2018
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