One of the most common errors in staffing is to put someone into a supervisory role without training them what it means to supervise. Yet it happens all the time in both the ministry and the for profit world. Consider the skills necessary to lead a team:

  • Ability to run a productive meeting
  • The skill to empower staff and hold them accountable
  • The ability to not micromanage
  • Understanding how to position people for their greatest effectiveness
  • Moving from an independent producer to leading through team
  • Providing clarity to the team as to what they are about and how to get there
  • Good emotional intelligence that allows for robust dialogue and the clash of ideas
  • The ability to resolve conflict
  • Understanding how to develop people
I could go on. What should be obvious is that we should never assume that an individual who has not supervised before knows the necessary skills. Even bright people need training in order to supervise well. Just because someone has been successful in their position does not mean they will supervise others well without some intensive and intentional training.

And if we don't provide that training? You doom those being supervised to frustration! You disempower a whole team when you do not provide them with good leadership.
  • May 11, 2014
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