My new book, Deep Influence: Unseen Practices that will Revolutionize Your Leadership, published by NavPress is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Too much attention is paid to leadership techniques and far too little to the kind of heart and mind from which the best leadership emanates. The path to truly influential leadership is found in the discipline of practices hidden from the public eye that deeply inform our public leadership. Our convictions, our call, our understanding of ourselves and heart commitments are where it all begins. Character, courage, wisdom, integrity, humility, spiritual depth, endurance, perseverance, kindness, and vision all come from a place deep inside our hearts and souls—the hidden interior and recesses of our lives, whose channels lead to deep veins of God’s work and molding.

From Chapter One of Deep Influence

"I've been a fan of TJ Addington for a long time.  I'm a wiser and better leader because of his writings. But Deep Influence is his most important contribution yet. Every young leader will gain decades of leadership wisdom forged in the painful trenches of reality. Veteran leaders will be inspired to finish strong."

Gene Appel, Senior Pastor

Eastside Christian Church

Anaheim, CA

"We get formed from the outside-in,  but we lead from the inside-out.  Tim Addington explains this process with clarity and conviction.  In a age of superficiality, he'll will guide you to the deeper places of influence and change."

John Ortberg, Senior Pastor
Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
Menlo Park, CA

“My friend T.J. Addington is a wise leadership guru and Deep Influence is his profoundest book on the subject! A seasoned reflective-practitioner, TJ masterfully tackles the most challenging terrain of leadership – the inner life of the leader – along with the empowering practices he or she must cultivate. Few books effectively deal with leadership from the inside out. This is one of the best!”

Edmund Chan
Leadership Mentor, Covenant EFC

Founder, Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

"Deep Influence draws an effective map for exploring the inner life so often neglected by today’s image conscious leader. TJ’s emphasis on personal integrity, authenticity and emotional intelligence offers a healthy antidote to the toxic influence of every leader’s shadow side. His practical, personal counsel encourages, challenges and inspires every leader to pursue the slower, more intentional, inside-out path to deeper, lasting impact in ministry." 

Russ Kinkade, Psy.D., Psychologist, Executive VP Shepherds Ministries

"If you are not yet convinced that the most difficult challenge you will face as a leader is in “self-leadership,” then read Deep Influence. My dear friend, T.J. Addington sharpened his ministry leadership out of the depths of life-experience even God granted and grew him into a major leadership role for the global church. Deepened by a vital spiritual relationship with God, he enriches fellow-leaders with practical wisdom towards deep influence for God’s purposes."

Ramesh Richard Th.D., Ph.D.,

President, RREACH/Professor, Dallas Seminary

Founder, Trainers of Pastors International 

"Deep Influence, every chapter, was a deep dive into my motives, methods, mind, mission calling, leadership style and relationships which brought me to a place of unexpected unconventional light, revealing a clear fresh exciting perspective to press forward. T.J. humbly said it well, “Depth matters” as he carefully and biblically aimed at my life through the person of Jesus Christ and hit my inner target - the sanctum of my heart.  This book is a transparent transformational leadership mirror which leads to intentional joy and freedom, where Ephesians 2:10 came alive - in me - and it will in you."

Doug Fagerstrom, D.Min, Senior Vice President of Converge and author of The Ministry Staff Member (Zondervan) and The Volunteer (BMH) 

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