I am not a predictor as to when Christ is going to return. However, I do read Scripture and am a student of both history and current events and what I am watching in the Middle East and elsewhere sure looks like it could lead to the apocalypse predicted in the Old and New Testaments. Think about oil, radical Islam, atomic weapons, terrorism, natural disasters, wars, the global financial crisis, the growth of unrighteousness and you have the descriptors of what will be at the end of time as we know it.

In the past, prophecy was a regular topic of preaching - perhaps too much so. In the present, it seems to be largely ignored. Yet, Jesus told us to be aware of the times and Paul lived in light of the return of Christ. 

It matters because when we focus our attention exclusively on this world we forget that there is a future for us in a recreated world that is better and more wonderful than anything we could ever imagine. And, that when the end comes, there is no second chance for those who don't know Jesus. Their future is one without Jesus - forever.

The truth is that any one of us could meet Jesus at any time. Apart from His divine intervention, I should have met him three and a half years ago when I was in an induced coma. None of us know when our days will be up - we all live on borrowed time.

As one who is deeply involved in missions I have an urgency for the billions of people who if Jesus were to return today would face a Christless eternity. It is estimated that half the people who have ever lived in human history are alive today so the spiritual stakes are high.

It is easy to be satisfied with our lives and our possessions and ignore our own mortality, or the coming return of Christ. The time we have is precious so we need to use it wisely. Jesus and Paul would ask the question, "If we knew that Christ were going to return in our generation how would we live differently?" I want to know that I have invested my own life in ways that build His kingdom and introduce people to their savior. In the end, not much else will matter. 

As you read the news of our world, remember that there is a day coming when the nations of the world will cause a huge conflagration that is unimaginable to anything we have ever seen. And, that Jesus will return in glory and power. Are our lives aligned  and lived in light of His (soon) return?
  • Jun 17, 2011
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