I love to help others in any way I can and I love to watch the reactions of those who are not used to someone offering help with nothing expected in return. This is particularly true among Christian leaders who more often compete with one another than collaborate. Or, who are simply too busy focusing on their stuff that they lack the time to add value to fellow leaders.

For me it is about kingdom influence which is a driving force in my life. I want to see the bride (the church) be all that it can be and the gospel expand to every corner of our globe. Thus, anytime I can help other leaders or ministries I am contributing to the Bride and the expansion of the Gospel regardless of whether it helps the organization I lead.

My point is that we often think of ministry expansion as defined by what our ministry does. But if we are willing to look for ways to contribute to the success of other ministries we actually leverage our influence in significant ways – even if we never get credit for it. If we care about His Kingdom we will not only work hard to lead our own ministries well but we will work hard to bless other ministries as well.

That is why ReachGlobal willingly gives away any tools it develops, any systems it has and any lessons we have learned. It is not about us, it is about Him. It also keeps us from a competition mindset. To the extent that we help other like ministries (missions and the church) we bless the growth of the church. It reminds us that we are servants to our own organization, to God and to the mission of the Great Commission. We learn much in the process because we develop new friendships and relationships.

There should be a fundamental difference between the business world (where it is all about competition) and the ministry world (where it is all about cooperation). Any time in ministry we compete against one another we are actually competing against God who is Lord of our ministry and every other ministry. When I help other ministries I bless God and the mission He has given the Church. I would rather bless God than try to compete against Him.
  • Nov 02, 2012
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