Our understanding of God's word has everything to do with how we approach life in very practical ways. One of those ways is how we approach challenges, reversals and problems.

As the years go by and I have more experience with God, I tend to respond to problems with a lot less angst than in my younger days. Perhaps I have matured a bit. But more importantly I have come to understand that God is bigger and sovereign and good and can be trusted with those issues that are larger than me. In Paul's words, He can do far more than we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). 

The bigger our God, the smaller our problem. But that comes from understanding Him better, trusting Him more and realizing that He is ultimately in charge of our lives. As I wrote in When Life Comes Undone, "It is a wonderful gift to come to the place were all we have to trust in is God." He is a big God and His bigness puts our problems in their proper perspective.

When on the other hand we are not living close to Him, our problems loom large. The smaller our God, the more out of touch we are with Him, the less we know about Him, the larger our problems look. It is a matter of perspective, theology and faith.

I am deeply thankful for my perspective today. I know there is nothing that I cannot leave in His hands. The larger our God, the smaller our problems. The larger our faith, the less our anxiety. 

A big God leads to small problems while a small God leads to big problems. Which would you prefer?
  • Mar 14, 2014
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