Asking the right questions at the start of a new year

This week is a time to ask questions that allows us to evaluate the past year and plan for the coming year. There is no growth without change and change comes from evaluating the past, planning for the future and acting on that plan. 

So here are some questions to ask or issues to evaluate. The rest is up to us!

  • List the major accomplishments of the past year.

  • What are the three key goals you have for the coming year?

  • In order to meet those goals - What do I need to stop doing, what do I need to keep doing and what do I need to start doing?

  • How will you evaluate your progress in these three areas over the course of the next year?

  • Are there any relationships I need to leave behind because they are life taking rather than life giving? Are there boundaries with people that need to be established for your well being?

  • Are there relationships I want to nurture that I have not paid enough attention to?

  • What books did you read this year and what books do you want to invest your time in this coming year?

  • Time and focus are the key to all goals. How can you free up time this coming year to focus on what is truly important to you?

  • We frequently add obligations to our lives but often don't eliminate those that have run their course. Are there obligations you can and should shed? 

  • Our faith journeys matter. What can you do to take the next step in that journey?

  • All of us have "shadow sides" that dog us. What shadow sides do I need to learn to manage and how will I do that?

  • If this was my last year on earth, what would I do? How should my answer impact my plan for the coming year?
The most successful people ask the best and deepest questions. Finish this year and start the coming year by asking the questions that matter. I would love to hear the questions that you ask. Those who ask the best questions and act on them are the largest winners in life.

  • Dec 29, 2019
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