Boredom happens when we have accomplished what we set out to accomplish and there is therefore either margin in our lives or a sense that we have done what God had for us. In other words it is an indicator that we need to be looking for what God has for us in the "next season." Sometimes we find ourselves bored and unfulfilled without even realizing it until someone around us points it out.

That does not necessarily mean a different job. But it probably means a different focus. We either respond to symptoms of boredom by settling for what is or we actively ask the question, what does God have next?

I spoke with a leader yesterday who has been through a period of years that were hard but necessary. But, he knows that season is over and it is time to move forward and the question was, "What is the God sized task that I can give myself to in the next five years?" His job is not changing but his focus is.

Whenever we refocus we want to keep in mind what it is that energizes us and gives us the most joy - the lane God made us for. That is where we will be the most productive and receive the greatest satisfaction. The closer we get to that place the more effective we will be. There are certainly seasons when we need to pay attention to things outside our areas of strength but when we refocus is should always be in line with who God made us to be.

If you were to refocus your attention and to do so around your areas of greatest gifting here are two questions to consider. One, what is the God sized "ask" and "task" for the next season? Two, how do I rearrange life so that I can go after it? Those who ask these questions find themselves with greater satisfaction and greater effectiveness.

Posted from Oakdale, MN

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  • Jul 10, 2015
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