Want to get something done? Three things are needed every time! A vision (what do we want to accomplish?), a plan (how are we going to do it?) and a leader (who will lead the way?). It is pretty simple but all too often good intentions fall prey to the lack of one of these three.

Think of the local church where there is no end of ministry dreams and possibilities. Three simple questions need to be asked. What is the vision of this ministry and how does it fit with the vision of the church? The desire to do something is not a vision. Vision has to do with what we want to accomplish and why.

What is your plan is question two. Vision is not a substitute for a workable, reasonable, plan for how the vision is going to be carried out. The world has many "visionaries" who have no plan and generally they don't produce much.

Who is going to lead the way? No endeavor works without a leader who will take the responsibility to ensure that what needs to happen happens and will give coordination and encouragement to the group.

It is simple but then again most effective strategies are.
  • May 24, 2013
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